MAD supply and fit a good range of bullbars from ARB and TJM to ECB and Smart Bars.

Lets start with ARB.

They make a large range of steel bullbars,from their deluxe winch bar tothe economical commercial bullbar.As with all their bullbars they comewith light mount holes and Cb arial bracket. They also have the option of colour coding the bar to the colour of your vehicle.

The option to fit a winch is available for most of their bullbars as well,and lets not forget they are airbag compatable and are deigned for maximum air flow to your radiator.Strong steel construction means they will handle the roughest terrain you can throw at them with ease.

As with the ARB bars,the TJm bullbar range has many different options from steel to alloy,with winch and non winch options.

TJM have been manufacturing bullbars for a long period of time.These bullbars have been tried and tested for Australian conditions.

ECB are the leaders when it comes to alloy bullbars,again with the option of winch compatability for most vehicles.They also have the option of being powder coated.The light weight construction of the ECB alloy bullbar has the stregnth of a steel bullbar and makes them a great option for the customer who want looks without the weight of a steel bullbar.

Whatever your requirements are, MAD has the solution for you.